Meghan & Michael { 9.14.2013 }

Meghan & Michael { 9.14.2013 }

Such FUN clients AGAIN :) SO BLESSED!!! Meghan & Michael got married at Pawleys Plantation. They wanted great food/ great band & good looking decor. I’ll say they got it ALL :)

Congrats to the two love birds!!

How He proposed: Mike left work early to go home and prepare while I was still at work. He texted me saying he would cook me dinner and he bought me flowers. I got home and he popped the question. He also flew in our families and friends for a surprise party in downtown Boston after dinner.

Creative Partners:

Pawleys Plantation | Paula Player Photography | Greenskeepers | Ronny Byrd- Officiant | Six Styles Band 

J.Leigh Stylist | Doug McFarland { ceremony/cocktail } | Carolina Limo | Pawleys Island Bakery


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Lauren & Randy {10.19.2013}

We are excited to start back blogging. Wedding season has slowed down :)

First Up: Lauren & Randy { 10.19.2013 }

We are going to let these images speak for themselves. It was such a pleasure working with Lauren on her big day! She knew exactly everything she wanted :)

Lauren & Randy were from Chicago & it was such a joy & blessing to help bring her big day to life :)

Creative Partners:

DeBorideu Carmen Ash PhotographyStrand Strings

Party on the MoonMyra- Incredible EdiblesBlossom Events

Perfect Reflections / Stox { Hair & Makeup }Eventworks

Stunning & Brilliant EventsHart to Heart Media | TEC

Jenny B’s Art | & Many Many More

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Stephanie + Andy {4.19.2013}

Wedding Planner: Stunning and Brilliant Events 

Venue: Debordieu 

Photographer: MCG Photographer

Band: Mighty Kicks

Cake: Incredible Edibles

Flowers: Blossoms Events

Hair & Makeup: Perfect Reflections  

Cartoonist: Calvin

Linens/Rentals: Event Works

Uplighting: Globaltruth Entertainment

Cocktail Music: Strand Strings 



Meredith + Sam {4.20.13}

Such a fun & sweet couple! Meredith & Sam such an awesome couple. Their DeBordieu wedding was a such a blast!  Cant say enough about all the awesome vendors involved!

It was truly just what Meredith had envisioned- minus being outside :) Her Mother made the cakes & that were oh so yummy too!!

The linens from BBJ & La Tavola added the perfect touch to her colors. – Pattern Linens- Just lovvving these!! Thanks to PP for all the awesome photos!!

Creative Partners:

Event Planner: Stunning and Brilliant Events 

Photographer: Paula Player Photography 

Band: The Embers

Cake: Mother of The Bride- Robins Sugar and Spice

Flowers: Kathy- Friend of Bride

Hair & Makeup: Perfect Reflections 

Linens & Rentals: Stage Presence 

Officiant: Simple Wedding Days

Ceremony Music: Strand Strings

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Las Vegas {Event Solution Conference} March 2013

VEGAS?? Come on- who doesn’t love Vegas!! We just attended the Event Solution Conference at the Mirage {March 10th-13th}

one word= AMAZING!! # learnfromthebest #dreambigger #inspire

Alright everyone has been asking about Vegas- we are ready to share with you some of the things we SAW/DISCOVERED & can’t wait to SHARE!!

First up: { Video we put together of our time their }

First we arrived in style in a limo :) { yea… the guy didn’t show up for it when they hold the signs in baggage clam- so we got a good deal ; ) }



Vegas_2013.004 Vegas_2013.002 Vegas_2013.003 Vegas_2013.005 Vegas_2013.006 Vegas_2013.007 Vegas_2013.008
Alright now on to some fun things:

New Linens- who doesn’t love these??!!




Next Up : Gold Flat Ware is going to be huge in 2013!!



Who doesn’t love these chairs & a tent inside a ballroom?? with fabric???


Welcome Reception Pool Party :)


french macaroons are going to be huge!!!


miniature food & Ideas { one bite size }

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 4.27.26 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 4.27.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 4.25.36 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 4.27.16 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 4.31.40 PM

Want to see more??? Contact  us

We can’t give  everything away!!! :)


Stunning & Brilliant Events Team


Caryn + Dan {9.1.2012}


Location: DeBordieu {Kelly}

Photographer: Pasha Belman

Band: Permanent Vacation

843.356.5127 {Michael}

Cake: Incredible Edibles {Myra}

Flowers: Blossoms

Hair & Makeup: Jessica Brantley 

Linenes/Rentals/Tent: Rent-a-Tent

Photo Booth: Shutter Booth {Melanie}

S & B Events: Sara Barnhill

Officiant: Wayne Brown

Ceremony Music: Paul Grimshaw

Cigar Station: Dave


240820_10151043837758613_1540638864_o 279750_10151053080528613_175321703_o 308344_10151042631768613_618984742_n 457573_10151043006903613_1984491391_o 479457_10150656463578613_1266791677_o 485874_10151052935758613_735905248_n-1 529990_483278648358204_1172874655_n Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman Pasha Belman photo-6

Lindsay + Adam {6.23.2012}



Location: Marina Inn

Photographer: Young Photography

DJ: Carolina Entertainment

Cake: The Cake Lady

Flowers: The Little Shop of Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Perfect Reflections {Angela & Cody }

Linens/Rentals: Carolina Events & Tents 

Limo: Carolina Limousine

Photo Booth: Shutterbooth – MB

S & B Events: Sara Barnhill

Officiant: Ronny Byrd 843.457.2145

Ceremony Music: Strand Strings {Doug}

Guitar: Cory 704.654.7082

Videographer: The Reel Weddings

LindsayBannonWed-6561 LindsayBannonWed-6560 LindsayBannonWed-6415 LindsayBannonWed-6252 LindsayBannonWed-6244 LindsayBannonWed-5832 LindsayBannonWed-5811 LindsayBannonWed-5735 LindsayBannonWed-5718 LindsayBannonWed-5714 LindsayBannonWed-5701 LindsayBannonWed-5687 LindsayBannonWed-5626 LindsayBannonWed-5536 LindsayBannonWed-5429 LindsayBannonWed-5302 LindsayBannonWed-5120 LindsayBannonWed-5080 LindsayBannonWed-5002 LindsayBannonWed-5003 LindsayBannonWed-5004 LindsayBannonWed-5021 LindsayBannonWed-5439 LindsayBannonWed-5443 LindsayBannonWed-5455 LindsayBannonWed-5457 LindsayBannonWed-5462 LindsayBannonWed-5582 LindsayBannonWed-5859 LindsayBannonWed-6397


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